A Reseller Billing Platform Designed Specifically For OpenText Partners

Connect your billing system and automate workflows.  Syncberry manages your billing headaches so that you don’t have to!

How It Works

Save time, avoid costly billing mistakes, and automate your billing workflows.

  • Multi-Tenant Billing
    Simple and easy multi-tenant billing for your multi-tenant SaaS offerings
  • Multi-Tenant Benefits
    Easy and automated billing for your Multi-tenant SaaS offering. If you want to offer true variable/metered, monthly, quarterly, or traditional yearly billing – all the options are easy to setup and deploy for 1 customer or a 100+.
  • Automation
    Save time by Automating your OpenText Billing in a simple set it and forget it
  • Avoid Billing Errors and Mistakes
    Remove costly data entry and costly billing mistakes with full automation!
  • Fully Customizable Margins
    Create and manage your margins for individual clients or multiple clients.
  • Billing Frequency Options
    Monthly, Quarterly, yearly, or custom
  • Reporting
    Track and Run billing/automation reports
  • Payment Options
    A wide array of payment options and gateways supported (Authoerize.net, Stripe, ACH, CC, eCheck etc.)
  • Client Management
    Manage all client data in one easy place
  • Billing System Options
    Use our billing system or we can integrate with your existing billing system (additional fees may apply)
  • Double Data Entry
    No more updating client data in multiple systems remove additional workloads to free up your resources for other projects
  • Support & Help
    Dedicated support and AM for on boarding from OpenText and Syncberry teams to ensure a smooth setup and ongoing operation

Simple Setup

We’ve made integrating and syncing your OpenText account easy!

1. Setup Your OpenText Account

Whether you’re a new or existing OpenText user, getting setup is easy!

2. Setup Your Syncberry Account

A helpful member of our team will handle setup for you — just give us a call!

3. Integrate A Billing System

You can either use SyncBerry’s internal billing system or integrate your own

4. Customize SyncBerry Your Way

Setup margins, billing frequency, payment methods and a gateway (Authorize.net, Stripe, Etc.), and billing requirements

5. Start Billing Clients!

Your billing process is now fully automated — nothing to do but get back to business.

Top-Tier Security

Syncberry has globally distributed SRE and security teams on-call 24/7. We constantly monitor security notifications from all 3rd party software libraries and, if identified, we immediately apply any relevant security patches as soon as they are released. Our engineers work together with the product teams to ensure that all of Syncberry’s code and infrastructure is secure.

Timely, Solution-Driven Support

Syncberry customers get access to world-class support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, devoted to ensuring their OpenText billing remains in sync.

Dependable Up-Time

With a guaranteed up-time of more than 99.9%, SyncBerry puts your business-critical workflows at the top of our priority list.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?

Get Setup in less than 30 minutes!

(Note: if custom integration is required based on vendor billing system it may take longer to get setup based on requirements)

Can I change/cancel my plan?

Yes, you can change your plan at anytime and cancel at anytime (note: all plans are prepaid so there are no refunds or prorations)

Can I use my own billing system?

Yes, you can use your existing billing system or use our built in provided one

Can I customize the invoices and statements?

Yes, you can tailor the invoices and statements to your style and requirements or use default settings.

Choose The Plan That Fits You Best


* Bandwidth fees not included.  Sync Transaction Fees $0.001 per transaction apply for all plans.  A 12-month commitment with annual or monthly payment options required to continue after Free 30-Day Trial.  Custom integration required for any accounting system other than QuickBooks or Xero.

Here To Answer Your Questions


We’re here to answer any questions you might have, and even though we try to address the most common scenarios, some things are best answered with a quick chat or phone call.  We’ve also put together a brief brochure